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Brands and suppliers

Oakey, Wingham [ producer is Nippon] — (an exclusive brands of the of the East-West company)

The Nippon Meat, a joint Japanese-Australian Company is the greatest marbled beef supplier to the Japanese market, which is well-known for its strict requirements to meat quality. Trade marks Oakey and Wingham of the Nippon Meat Company are the most popular brands of premium quality marbled beef in Japan. Any brand corresponds to the specific degree of marbling : Oakey — MB 3–4, Wingham Reserve — MB 2+, MB 1. Nippon Meat uses only Black Angus Bulls to produce marbled beef. All meat produced by Nippon Meat is aged during 21 days period or more, and should be certified by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture. Oakey & Wingham brands, produced by Nippon, are exclusive products of the East-West Company.
Oakey, Wingham [ producer  is Nippon]


Rangers Valley

Rock Valley [producer is Green Mountain] — (an exclusive brand of the of the East-West company)

Rock Valley is a trade mark of Green Mountain veal, one of the leading Australian meat producers and exporters. Rock Valley’s veal is a result of exclusively natural methods of feeding, calf breeding with cow milk and use of vast pastures of one of the most ecologically clean areas of Australia — the northern-east part of the Southern Wales.
During calf breeding period Rock Valley ensures a complete refusal of hormonal additives, means of genetic engineering and antibiotics, widely used in Europe. The Rock Valley products are very popular in the domestic market due to their good business reputation. Products under Rock Valley brand have Certificates of halality. Rock Valley is an exclusive product of the East-West company.
Rock Valley [producer is Green Mountain]

Silver Fern

Richmond [producer is PPCS] — (an exclusive brand of the of the East-West company)

PPCS is the greatest New Zeeland Company, specializing in production of premium all natural beef, veal, lamb and mutton meat. The share of the PPCS company group is 35 % of the whole New Zealand beef export . The company was founded in 1948 and during almost 60 years remains the leader of the meat market of New Zealand. All natural New Zeeland beef has a unique taste. It contains a significant portion of iodine, the deficiency of which is typical for the western countries. It also includes high-quality proteins, a lot of minerals, vitamins of group B and zinc, necessary for healthy food. At the same time the New Zealand meat is low-caloric, it contains small amount of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. After entering the Richmond Company in the company group PPCS, Richmond became a brand-leader of PPCS holding. Richmond is an exclusive product of the East-West company.
Richmond [producer is  PPCS]

Star [producer is Horizon] — (an exclusive brand of the of the East-West company)

Star is the most popular New Zealand lamb and mutton brand. A quality-oriented approach and special care of high dietary qualities of the product are among the first pri-orities establishing the company marketing strategy. It is not by chance that the company makes investments into numerous researches, devoted to healthy food; the company experts permanently publish articles associated with dietology, in leading New Zealand fitness-magazines, and besides, the company is a General Partner of the New Zealand Rugby League, in particular, Star branded meat enters an obligatory daily diet of players of the best world rugby team — All Blacks. Lamb and mutton under the Star trade mark produced by the Horizon concern gained huge popularity in Russia where it has been distributed by the East-West company over 6 years. Star is an exclusive product of the East-West company.
Star [producer is Horizon]

GRIMAUD — ( an exclusive brand of the of the East-West company)

Grimaud is the trade mark of the French company Euralis, I whose portfolio of brands includes also a popular Rougie brand. A wide product range is produced from ducks under the Grimaud brand, nevertheless the Grimaud duck liver justifiably enjoys the greatest popularity in France. Until recently, the Euralis Company produced products under this brand exclusively for a domestic market. The Grimaud duck liver should be made only in the South-West of France — in a region where has been developed the technology of a special force-feeding ducks for foie gras making. This fact makes it «truly French» in opinion of famous chief-cooks. The Grimaud brand falls into the haut de gamme category — « the highest category product» in France. Grimaud brand products are supplied to famous Michelin restaurants.

Zeelandia — (an exclusive brand of the of the East-West company)

Founded in 1900 as a family business, today the Zeelandia group of companies is the largest international concern with the central office located in the Netherlands. Zeelandia has its representative offices in more than 20 countries. Its product range includes more than 2000 of bakery & confectionery ingredients, popular worldwide. The Zeelandia company products are easy to use and have a stable high quality. Zeelandia is an exclusive product of the East-West company.

Pritchitts — (an exclusive brand of the of the East-West company)

The Pritchitts Company is a British enterprise founded in 1925 and specializing on out-put of diary products, and also cream substitutes of premium quality. The company products are sold in over 60 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Caribbean basin. The Pritchitts Company has won two royal awards for achievements in the field of foreign trade — in 1991 and in 1999 . Pritchitts enters the top 20 of the largest English companies producing foodstuff and beverages. Pritchitts is an exclusive product of the East-West company.

Irca — (an exclusive brand of the of the East-West company)

Irca is a large family business group founded in 1919 in Italy. The Irca Company is engaged in the production of chocolate and a wide product range of bakery & confectionery ingredients as well. The chocolate has brought the special glory to Irca; it has been considered the standard for the industrial chocolate in Europe. The Irca company confectioners have determined the best regions for the raw material supply, allowing to achieve the best taste for any kind of chocolate, on the basis of almost a century long experience. For dark chocolate production Irca uses only cocoa-beans from Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria, because they give the extremely strong taste. For production of milk chocolate they use the raw material from Madagascar, because it gives an exquisite velvet flavor in a combination with a strong caramel taste. For white chocolate production they use cocoa-oil originated from Ecuador, which has exotic and spicy flavor. Irca is an exclusive product of the East-West company

Seacold — (an exclusive brand of the of the East-West company)

The Seacold company, the greatest Indonesian producer of tiger shrimps, unlike other seafood suppliers has its own fishing fleet consisting of 25 vessels that allows the company to be independent from numerous fishing enterprises and keep the top quality of its products. The Seacold Company is justifiably considered one of the most innovative in the sphere of business. In particular, the company was the first one to develop and begin to intensively put into practice a technology of shrimps parboiling, at which shrimps during a primary treatment do not be boiled, but only be treated with boiling water. This method allows improving shrimps appearance, giving to them more bright and deep pinky-coral color, while preserving the most valuable natural taste properties during the transportation; and allows for a cook to take a more creative ap-proach to cooking. Many years of experience have proved the advantages of this method for European cooks, and they prefer to use parboiled shrimps. The Seacold is an exclusive product of the East-West company

Lamb Weston

The Lamb Weston company is the absolute world leader in the production of fast-frozen potato products and potato chips. The company owns and operates 17 technology intensive plants with annual output of over 3 million tons. Lamb Weston makes large investments in the development of the most modern production facilities assuring high quality. Lamb Weston became one of the first enterprises to make actually science-intensive food production technologies. Many of Lamb Weston innovations actually were «revolutionary innovations» and set up new milestones for other producers of fast-frozen potato products, chief-cooks and restaurateurs.
Lamb Weston


Ardo is a recognized world leader in producing of A category fresh frozen vegetables, fruit and berries, exporting the products more than in 52 countries. Ardo chooses only the best crops from regions with climatic conditions making them the best places to grow this kind of crop. Use of innovative technologies and modern methods of crop cultivation, gathering and freezing assures a reliable, high quality of the end product the all year round. Ardo fresh frozen vegetables product range includes a surprising variety of products, from simple monocultures up to complex exotic mixes are available for you the all year round.


An upmarket Swiss ice-cream under the trade mark Mövenpick has begun its history since 1961. Mövenpick all natural ice-cream embodies a top quality all over the world. In comparison to other premium brands, Mövenpick ice-cream is made solely from natural ingredients, and any taste of its collection should surpass expectations of the true connoisseurs of this dessert.


The German company Schöller is the pioneer of ice-cream industrial production. Its products are very much popular worldwide, and are among the European leaders in terms of sales volume. Schöller ice-cream have been many times awarded the prestigious Küche award for development of new recipes grown popular among professional chief-cooks.

America`s Heartland Beef


The Italian company Vitalfood making production under the trade mark Italcanditi, has began its history since 1963. The main activity of the company is the production of candied fruits: the company is the European leader in this market segment with an annual sales turnover of 90 million euro. Vitalfood has earned a reputation as an innovative company; it has a ultramodern scientific centre , consisting of six independent research laboratories. The system of certification candied fruits quality, developed by Italcanditi, is taken for a basis of the state certification in many European countries. Italcanditi doesn’t use GMO ingredients in candied fruits production process. Italcanditi is an exclusive product of the East-West company



Taylor Preston

Culi d'Or


MacDonald Meat Company


Frutta Dolce



IBP [производитель Tyson Fresh Meats]

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