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Master class: Marble beef. Traditions & Tendencies


East West Group of Companies keeps up the tradition of conducting open events for its partners. On September 8 in Ekaterinburg, Roman Burtsev, the senior chef of Laboratory of Taste East West, is giving a master class on the topics which are most relevant for HoReCa segment.

Reduction of meat dishes cost is one of the most substantial points for restaurateurs in conditions when the competition for a client has become really tough. Choice of meat plays the key role in solution of the issue. Traditional marble beef cuts of which steaks are fried do not allow for considerable reduction of costs, and at the same time, their use is not always reasonable in economic terms. Shifting to alternative cuts, such as Sirloin Cap (Rump cap) and Top Blade (Oyster blade), may be considered a solution. This particular issue and other aspects of marble beef dishes cost reduction will be dealt in the first half of the master class Alternative marble beef cuts. Reduction of dishes cost.

Grill and barbecue traditions have over two centuries of history. Australia and America early colonists are believed to be the founders of steaks broiling. In these countries barbecue is still very popular and considered a national cuisine feature. The second half of the master class — American & Australian marble beef: grill and barbecue traditions — will provide a chance to understand the peculiarities of cooking marble beef dishes on a grill better and answer many questions as for classical traditions of cooking barbecue.

Master class takes place on September 8 at:
Floor 2, Kombinat pitaiya Barkhotka (Food Factory Barkhotka), Barkhotskaya-1 Street, Ekaterinburg.
Master class starts at 4 p.m.

Seats number is limited! Call +7 (343) 380-60-00 to register.

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