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Bakery Art for Restaurants and Industries


On April 22, The Laboratory of taste East-West will witness a master class devoted to the art of bakery. Maksim Savelyev, the technologist-confectioner and baker, will present offers for the summer bread basket to the spectators and will tell them about specific features of making buns, French long loafs and knot-shaped biscuits based on mixes by the JUNG company. Savelyev will also show you how one can easily produce a great variety of puff pastries and buns using fillings made by Zeelandia.

You will have an opportunity to make sure that it is easy to bake bread, and have a perfect occasion to put thrilling questions to Mr. Savelyev.

During the master class, the following components will be presented to you:

Bread baking mixes
  • For maize bread Panoplus Corn
  • For multicereal bread Panoplus Dark
  • For cheese bread Panoplus Nacho
  • For multicereal bread Jung Cornkrustchen

  • Mix for papaverous filling Jung Mohn-Quick
  • Conditioner for yeasty pastry Jung Bonasan

As well as
  • Puff pastry
  • Fillings and sprinkles
  • Custard
  • Fruit fillings
  • Papaverous fillings
  • Heat-resistant chocolate fillings
  • Almond fillings
  • Chocolate fingers
  • Light sprinkle with Amaretto taste
  • Non-melting castor sugar
  • Waffle crumbs
  • Margarines

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