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anned fruit and mushrooms produced under the Valerico brand


The East-West Company starts exclusive sales of canned fruit and mushrooms produced under the Valerico brand on the Russian market.

Fruit and mushrooms, used by Valerico, preserve all the freshness and flavor of fertile soil and warm sun of valleys situated in different parts of the globe. It is not by chance that the brand name sounds like Italian words ricca valle.

Carefully selected fruit, berries and mushrooms are processed at the plants fitted with the state-of-the art equipment in order you may enjoy their rich and intense taste and flavor. All the Valerico canned products are known for their usability, are completely ready to use in desserts and salads; all that including a reasonable price, make this products irreplaceable for any kitchen or pastry production.

At present we offer candied Maraschino cherries with stems and halves of peaches in light syrup under the Valerico brand.

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