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Hollywood Steaks Festival Oct.20, 2008 - Nov.2., 2008


From Oct.20 to Nov.2. twenty Moscow restaurants participated in Hollywood Steaks Festival.

The restaurants Lemoncello, Nostalgie, Royal Bar, Bufet, Grillage, Spettacolo, U Shveika, Pivnaya 01, steak-houses El Parador and Steaks, meat restaurants T-bone and the steak-pub chain Temple Bar introduced additional "Hollywood" menu which included seven classic steaks. For the first time in Moscow admirers of meat could taste menu with such variety of steaks.

Each of the "Festival" steaks has its own taste features, which make it similar to iconic figures from cult American films. If a guest wished to order juicy and aromatic very masculine steak from the ribeye, he could choose Corleone Ribeye Steak. Recommended for ladies filet mignon from the central part of tenderloin could be found under the name of "Sex & the City" Steak. The other steaks: Mission Impossible New York Steak, Pulp Fiction Chateaubriand Steak, "A Fistful of Dollars" Cowboy Steak, "9 ½ Weeks" Porterhouse Steak, "Bonnie and Clyde" T-bone Steak. The unique atmosphere was inspired by the details: posters in Hollywood style, menu insets that describe the "character" of each of the steaks, charming girls dressed according to the spirit of the event. Making an order, visitor associated himself with the hero of a favorite film even not realizing it, what increased the pleasure from the dish.

During the festival, the restaurants-participants of the Festival sold 4 tons of the American marble beef, categories Prime and Choice. Thus, not less than 1150 visitors of the restaurants could taste steaks from the American grain-fed beef. Restaurateurs noted, that 60% of the guests, who visited the restaurants during the festival were the regular restaurant visitors, and the remaining 40% were new clients of the restaurants, who came especially to visit the festival. The most popular were Corleone Ribeye steak, "Sex & the City" Filet Mignon Steak, "Mission Impossible" New York steak, "A fistful of dollars" Cowboy steak. The steaks on bone were popular in the beerhouses and meat restaurants, while the Cowboy steak — Ribeye on bone — was sold better, than other steaks in all type of the restaurants. The sales of festival steaks made up a considerable part in the daily receipts of almost all restaurants, sometimes reaching the 70—80 % of daily turnover.

Hollywood Steaks Festival was widely reported in Mass Media — in the "Kommersant" newspaper, "Kommersant Weekend" weekly supplement, TimeOut magazine and in the professional press, as well as at broadcasting stations and television channels.

During the period of its event (from 13.10.08 to 02.11.08), the site of the festival www.steakfest.ru was visited by 3300 unique users from Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Great Britain, USA, Georgia, Japan, Estonia, and Luxembourg.

The initiators and developers of the concept were the East-West Company, the largest European supplier for hospitality industry, and USMEF (The United States Meat Export Federation).

Festival`s photos are available in the photo gallery of our company

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