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Sustainable development is the keystone of the company’s success


The year on year growth of the company is possible only under the condition of a scheduled increasing of the capacities: warehouse spaces, personnel, IT-technologies and logistics. Constant investments to the future is a distinctive feature and competitive advantage of our company, because, while developing ourselves, we promote the unrestricted development of our partners. East-West offers new solutions and expresses its readiness to cope with growing volumes anywhere in Russia.

From June to September this year, the lorry fleet of the company will be increased by 55 vehicles: this will include medium duty IVECO, new large-capacity DAF, reliable and well-tried MAN TGM. Not only Moscow fleet (which includes as well Elino, Zelenograd and Pechatniki) will be renewed: new tracks will be added to the fleet of the company branches in other Russian cities.

New IVECO are equipped with a modernized body made from impact resistant, abrasion resistant and, above all, lightweight high-tech material which permits to increase the carrying capacity of the vehicle by 200 kg. «Multi-rudder» option and the modern equipment of the cabin allow drivers to work in more comfortable conditions and increase the safety of driving, and the new body fittings prolongs the service life of the track. More powerful TERMO KING V800 refrigerators maintain the continuity of cooling and heating of two cameras of different temperature simultaneously. In general, the purchasing of new tracks resolves two important tasks — more comfort and convenience for our drivers, perfect compliance with the temperature regime during the transportation, and the conservation of the high quality of the goods for our partners.

Currently, the large-capacity DAF tracks represent the best choice for work in city, from the point of view of ergonomics. The tracks are equipped with wagons of increased capacity made from a monolithic hermetic material. The loading capacity of the track will be increased and be equal to 15 pallets. Dashboard cameras are provisioned in the body of the vehicle.

The average age of «East-West» lorry fleet comprising more than 200 cars, will be 2.5 years. The increased reliability of new cars helps to reduce the frequency and the cost of reparations, which permits to ameliorate the efficiency of the logistics work and, as a result, to cut the final cost for the company’s clients. We are sure that a well-developed fleet of modern medium-duty and large-capacity tracks equipped with up-to-day technics is a unique offer on the Russian market representing the high level of service for our partners and work in proactive mode in order to anticipate the rapidly growing needs of our clients.

Helpful numbers: The annual race of our tracks is 12,000,000 km, so, during one month our fleet overcomes the distance equal to 25 round-the-world travels, accordingly (if to take into account the circuit of the globe of 40,000 km)!

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The company’s lorry fleet is one of the key elements of the logistics chain aimed at the delivery of the product from the manufacturer to the consumer. Compliance with high requirements for temperature of transporting of goods with different storage regimes, storage periods, volumes and delivery quality permits us to comply with the strict HACCP and IFS LOGISTICS standards. To achieve this goal, we annually update the fleet of the company with modern tracks and increase the number of our vehicles.

All our tracks represents, without exaggeration, the full-featured warehouse complexes on wheels, where the transformable multi-temperature zones are provided inside, the air curtains are installed, and the pneumatic suspensions and convenient tail lifts make it easy to unload the goods regardless of the fitting level of the client’s premises for accepting the cargo.

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