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A master class with an Italian flavour takes place in St. Petersburg


A large confectionery master class called Italian Classics and Novelties of the Summer Season was held in late July in St. Petersburg. Fabio Birondi, the Pastry Chef of the Italian Concern IRCA, showed the guests all the benefits of the IRCA Companys ingredients and talked about the current trends of the season.

We have invited to this master class our respected partners from all segments of the market restaurants, manufactures, hotels and cafes. It is worth noticing such a large-scale master class to have taken place in the northern capital, and it was excellent. The event was full of St. Petersburg colour restraint and professional. The guests highly appreciated the huge number of assortment items and the excellent quality and taste of the finished products. We worked out a wonderful novelty Kalleh high-quality cream for whipping, which has transformed well inside the product and will help confectioners to achieve the tenderness and stability of the whipped cream in any dessert, says the past event manager of the East West Company confectionery direction Oksana Oleynichenko.

During the master class, the participants were offered many tasting dishes; the guests tried various novelties of the East West Company and acquired interesting ideas for making desserts. The participants of the master class were able to taste spicy muffin, new types of chocolate, a mixture for tartlets, cold and hot gels, fruit natural pastes, coatings, dyes, sprinkles and many other professional ingredients. Particularly for the guests, Fabio Birondi made several types of truffle candies, including sweets using the traditional Italian recipe.

The technologist-confectioner of the East West Company Dubrovin Aleksey tells: We had prepared really many interesting novelties, which will be in demand by customers and guests in restaurants. I think that it was interesting for the confectioners and artisans to become acquainted with the technique of the Italian specialist. Such master classes help to confidently promote ingredients in the market and allow buyers, confectioners and owners to see the economic potential of their possible cooperation with East West Company.

Despite the fact that the invited guests are a very sophisticated audience, and they are the pastry chefs of the largest establishments in the north-western region, they sincerely noted that a lot of interesting things were learned from the explanations of our famous Fabio. There were various questions about the use of ingredients, technical conditions and quality of products Fabio and our confectioner Aleksey gave detailed answers to each of them, summarizes the manager of the Confectionery Ingredients Project Irina Yunosheva (St. Petersburg).

All the participants of this master class, as well as representatives of companies who could not attend this event, may contact us at any time to order samples of ingredients and conduct their comparative study. The company phones in your area.

You can see the photos from the master class in the East West Company group on Facebook.

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