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Sweets from Sunny Italy by Fabio Birondi


On 15 March, East West Company took part in a specialized exhibition entitled Modern Bakery Moscow.

Our team of professionals, together with a chef confectioner from IRCA, an Italian confectionery group, made a presentation which was enjoyed by both visitors to the exhibition and its participants. East West Company presented some new items of its product lines to the community of leading Russian and foreign producers of confectionery equipment and food ingredients.

In today's world, there are more and more sweet lovers, and the market of confectionery products offers buyers a variety of sweets: a variety of chocolate products, candy, cakes of aethereal beauty, fancy cakes, eclairs, profiteroles, and many other sweet treats. However, consumers are becoming increasingly more demanding of the product: they want to know what exactly they are offered for sweet at a restaurant or at a cake shop near their home. More people, for example, become selective when buying chocolate, check whether the filling in a sweet product is made of natural ingredients, take into consideration the taste of a sponge cake. The high quality of the product and reliability of the manufacturer are becoming crucial for the end consumer, and brand confidence is getting increasingly more valuable. In East West Company, we realize how important this is for manufacturing companies and confectionery chefs, so our product selection includes only high-quality ingredients supplied by reliable global and domestic companies.

During the Master Class, the participants found out more about a major confectionery brand of East West Company: IRCA Group (Italy), known in more than 70 countries in the world, which is the largest producer of chocolate and confectionery ingredients in Europe. IRCA presented its unique products, which are loved and recognized by all professionals. The Italian word candire, which sounds similar to "candy", means "refine", "boil in sugar". Italy has rich tradition of confections, and the Italians still dictate the global trends in respect of many kinds of sweets.

Fabio Birondi, IRCA's chef confectioner, was the guest star of our delicious show. With his Italian humor and true professionalism, Fabio revealed all the subtleties and nuances of working with confectionery ingredients from Italy.

The guests of the Master Class tasted some exquisite sweet delicacies: handmade candy of IRCA's original chocolate with pistachio filling, tender brownies with Fruttidor Raspberries filling, as well as other sweets. The real hit was the unusual spicy muffins, which were responsible for a taste revolution. Fabio has made a product which is new and unique for the Russian market: 2 kinds of muffins, one with salmon (Salmo salar) and zucchini, the other with spinach and cheese.

The participants of the Master Class had an opportunity to taste not only the finished products but also to try different ingredients: samples of IRCA's main product lines, including its new line of chocolate called Single-Origin, fillers, stuffing, jelly, coatings, decorations.

All the participants of the Master Class, as well as companies which were not able to attend the event, can contact us any time and order samples of the ingredients and the comparative processing of the ingredients. The company's phone numbers in your area.

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