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New Industrial-warehouse Complex Construction


Many of the East-West company clients, which visited the industrial-warehouse complex of the company located near Zelenograd, recognized it as the best in our industry. A record volume of investments for the industrial sector has been made in development of warehouse logistics to provide optimal storage conditions and time of orders delivery. Meanwhile, the office and warehouse building, which our partners visit today, is just the first part of the large industrial-warehouse terminal of the East-West company being under construction 15 km far from the Moscow Ring Highway.

Dynamical growth of the company and the increase of commodity circulation impel a rapid development of the warehouse logistics. The first part of a warehouse construction has been completed in June, 2004, and in December, 2006 has been started the construction of the second building. For these purposes the territory under a warehouse complex has been expanded, and now it makes about 6 ha.

The area of the second warehouse building being under construction will be 14500 sq.m. There will be located six chambers with different temperature- for deep-freeze products storage, chilled goods storage (4 modes of temperature and humidity) and dry warehouse.

A special attention is paid to storage of such exacting products like fresh vegetables, fruit and berries. Within this category should be provided separate storage for different kinds of vegetables and fruit — with different temperature and humidity modes. Among characteristic features of the new warehouse one should note also a loading-unloading zone with a controllable temperature mode. Within the frameworks of the construction works there is considered a possibility of construction of system of ponds for fish and exotic marine animals breeding.

After commissioning in operation of the second warehouse building planned for June, 2008, the total warehouse area of the East-West company will be 20000 sq.m. — the largest warehouse area for the industry in the Eastern Europe.

Due to increase of the area the East-West company will de able to considerably expand the product range. Its current product range includes 2500 items, and it is planned to increase it up to 4000 due to extension of current commodity groups — meat, poultry, frozen fish, cheese, canned goods, groceries, confectionery & bakery ingredients; and introducing new commodity groups — meat and cheese delicacies, chilled fish and seafood, game, ingredients for Italian and other national cuisines.

A new building construction will allow the East-West company offering new services for its clients. There is planned to launch a meat shop in which meat delivered to the Russian market by whole carcasses, will pass a stage of preparation and portioning for restaurants, public catering enterprises , dining rooms , including calibration, cutting on stakes, slices, pickling — in compliance with the stipulated specification. In a new building of a warehouse complex there will be provided a space for offices.

The modern industrial warehouse complex will allow ensuring an appropriate acceptance and storage of products, but a high efficiency of orders delivery is also a very important matter. A big own park of lorries (more than 50 machines), equipped with the modern refrigerating equipment, provides a duly delivery of orders to clients while observing an optimum temperature. An increasing commodity circulation requires the park expansion: by the end of 2008 it will increase up to 100 lorries (Hyundai, Foton, FAW, Gazon, Gazelle).

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