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Master-Class from Frederique Denis in Saint-Petersburg


On September 4 in the northern capital a master class organized by the East-West with the support of the Irish company Pritchitts — one of the leaders in the European market of dairy products for Food Service was carried out. The master-class was conducted by the well-known British pastry chef, Frederique Denis, and the chef of the East-West Laboratory of taste, Rodion Bronte. During the seminar, Frederique demonstrated to the audience his views on the seasonal menu, paid special attention to the cream-based dishes that are especially in demand among the guests in autumn-winter period.

French national, Frederique Denis was educated and began his professional career in France. During the 30 years that Frederique spent cooking, he travelled a lot, worked in the USA and the UK, studied the experience of his colleagues in Germany, Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, the Caribbean. Professional skills and curiosity allowed Frederique to work in different areas of cooking: from creating a menu for five-star hotels to the development of formulations for the products of major retail chains. For the past few years, Frederique is a Pritchitts’ consultant in the European market.

The central ingredient of the seminar was the unique dairy-vegetable based cream from Millac Gold. Due to its composition this product combines the benefits of dairy cream — natural creamy taste and cream colour — with the advantages of vegetable cream — high stability, high volume when whipping, unchanging structure during the heat treatment.

The guests of the master-class appreciated the overall manufacturability of the product having tried it in the author’s dishes of Frederique Denis. As an appetizer the chef offered an unusual combination of smoked salmon with pureed peas with mint, cream and soy sauce and horseradish-based cream. The chicken breast with potato gratin and celery puree with brandy and mushroom sauce was served as a hot dish. The Dessert — panna cotta with lemongrass, spicy mango and honey — completed the program of the seminar. As a bonus Freddie presented an original recipe of the Christmas treat — orange-cranberry compote with mousse of several kinds of chocolate.

You can find the recipes in the section Recipes from Clients Club of East-West Company 

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