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New Taste Of Italian IRCA Chocolate


The history of IRCA, a family confectionery enterprise and a long-term partner of the East-West Company, began almost 100 years ago. In 1919 in northern Italy the Nobili family founded a small pastry shop offering handmade delicious desserts. Despite the fact that nowadays IRCA is one of the largest and most respected confectionery concerns in Europe, the company is still a family business, and Nobili family members are responsible for each products with their name and professional reputation. The Company takes a special pride in chocolate. Its taste fully illustrates sincere commitment of the Italians to their culinary traditions. The recipe of the chocolate is passed from father to son in the family and for 100 years since the founding of the company it has seen almost no change. Such loyalty to the culture of chocolate is appreciated by professional chocolatiers: IRCA is the most popular chocolate in France.

The taste of chocolate is strongly influenced by the type of cocoa beans used in its production. Chocolate connoisseurs prefer the so-called «original» kinds of chocolate, which are obtained when cocoa beans of single variety from the same growing region are used to make chocolate. This gives the final product a unique taste and flavour, peculiar only to this variety of beans and growing region. All IRCA chocolate is original, the growing region of cocoa beans is indicated on the packaging. The second type of chocolate includes chocolate that is produced from a mixture of several varieties of cocoa beans picked in different parts of the world. It has a standard featureless taste, which can vary from batch to batch depending on the composition of the mix.

In 2014 the East-West SC has expanded its line of classic IRCA chocolates with a traditional Italian taste, which is called Gianduja. Gianduja is a typical Italian chocolate containing about 30% hazelnut paste made from nuts grown at the North of Italy, in Piedmont. Hazelnut of Piedmont region is unique. This uniqueness made it the first Italian products to receive the highest rating in the international market, it even has a IGP quality label. This label requires the manufacturers grow the product only in a certain area with strict rules of growing, to keep its qualities extremely beneficial for health: protein in large amounts, E, A, B, C, PP vitamins, mineral salts and unique fibre. Hazelnut has incredible taste and is the most important ingredient in the preparation of many confectionery products. And today hazelnut, as well as Barolo wine and white truffle from Alba, is a symbol of Piedmont. The chocolate takes its name from Gianduja, a Carnival and Commedia dell’Arte character who represents the archetypal Piedmontese. Gianduja is very popular in Italy. It is used in desserts, ice-cream, candy, cakes, cookies.

Now we feature six varieties of Reno chocolate by IRCA in our product range:
  • Dark Chocolate Reno Fondente Sumatra Extreme 72%
  • Dark Chocolate Reno Fondente Ghana President 52%
  • Milk Chocolate Reno Latte Papua Classic 30%
  • White Chocolate Reno Bianco Sulawesi Imperial 31,5%
  • Caramel Chocolate Reno Lactee Caramel Madagascar 32%
  • Milk Chocolate Reno Gianduja Latte 27%

The best facts about Reno chocolate by IRCA:
  • Enables to make chocolate figures of any complexity
  • Used for confectionery coating
  • Used for the manufacture of chocolates, fillings, compositions
  • Has an excellent taste
  • Made from the best varieties of cocoa beans from equatorial and subequatorial areas
  • Contains natural Bourbon vanilla
  • Steady and unique taste and flavour of each type of chocolate, because it is produced from cocoa beans grown in a particular area

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