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Venison from New Zealand: royal meat on your table


Оленина CERCO

From time immemorial, venison has been the main decoration of the royal tables of Europe. We suggest you try this wonderful meat, because the juicy CERCO venison from New Zealand is able to delight even the most discerning palates.

Venison is probably the best option for family celebrations. Juicy meat of Royal Deer of New Zealand is more tender and tasty, than meat of its wild northern congener. If you’re a true connoisseur of deli meats, and nobody can surprise you by the dishes of marbled beef, lamb or veal breast, then the New Zealand CERCO venison is the product that you will certainly appreciate.

CERCO venison is a rare meat that can be eaten even raw, without any risk. Carpaccio, tartar and raw sliced CERCO venison are the meals for special occasions. Venison is also great when it is stewed, fried or boiled. Our shop has the three most popular items: the thin edge, fillet and brisket. For your convenience, our cooks from Chef House are ready to share with you some original recipes for CERCO venison.

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